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       Bal Bharati Teacher Training College has been fully committed to accomplish its mission by translating the qualitative terms of a child’s progress into a solid concrete reality for the nation to be proud if its Global citizens at large.

         The establishment of Bal Bharati Teacher Training College represents the fulfillment of a dream of our enlighten founder and the members of management committee and others to import all around, value based education to all the students irrespective of caste or creed, economics or social status. At Bal Bharati Teacher Training College we believe that all the competence, courage and character are the vital components that should form the core to shape the future of our youngsters.         

The Bal Bharati tTeachers Training College has secured a place among the top Teachers Training Colleges in Rajasthan with university toppers every year having provided a everything necessary for a quality learning environment.

             In the college Pupil Teachers are not only trained for academic excellence but are also given enough inputs which are varied and comprehensive to make them responsible citizens more than to be good human beings who go out of our portals to be reckoned among the best citizens.

We believe that education is the most powerful tool to bring about a social reform.

All the best.




Shri Narendra Modi

Bal Bharati Teacher Training College


      Creation of a new generation of students of very high intellectual, emotional and moral quotients for securing the highest socio-economic capital on the globe for our nation in a time bound future  
  1. Providing students with an Interactive learning system (ILS)

  2. Putting into practice the latest technique in Pedagogy through the manifold and creative ways of teaching and learning at large.

  3. Working constantly for the moral, intellectual and emotional development of each child.

  4. Providing a conducive and a balanced atmosphere focused on the enrichment and empowerment of the children to make them achievers and leaders of tomorrow.

  5. Discovering the hidden talents of the children and enhance their multi -potent intellects to make them the explorers of the universal wisdom from within and outside.

  6. Inculcating a sense of independence, accountability and greater confidence in the children to enable the children to accept the various responsibilities in life.

  7. Creating an environment that enhances a child’s freedom of thought and expression



Shri Kanti Chand Garg

Bal Baharati Teacher Training College


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