About Us
Bal Bharati Teacher Training College is an institution which had a modest beginning but carried with it a rich and inexhaustible treasure of dreams and aspirations and the visionary insight and selfless zeal of its founders. Spearheading women’s education in the Sixties and thus unravelling the joys and mysteries of the world of the mind for women, the institution soon carved a niche for itself. Evolving continuously with the changing parameters and concerns of the times, imparting an education which strikes the right balance between value orientation and intellectual growth, the institution has also always fulfilled its commitment to social concerns. It has strengthened the social fabric by making its contribution towards women empowerment, gender equity, social justice and community building, Thus participating in the shaping of the history of women’s development and capacity building. The institution believes that if there is a light within, it can light the way.......
To be a leading institution of women's education in the country, providing students with opportunities and resources in their pursuit of academic excellence, self-learning skills and personality development.
Contribute to the dissemination of academic knowledge and apprise students of
advancements made therein.
Mould graduates and postgraduates who are able to develop critical and objective
thinking in their search for knowledge.
Enable to evolve as responsible citizens possessing universal core values
such as truth, upright conduct and positive outlook with commitment to society and
nation at large.
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